Muscular men Jesse Santana and Mitchell Rock fuck

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Raging Stallion presents movie Hole 2 with bodybuilder Mitchell Rock and Jesse Santana in red jockstrap hard fuck.

Jesse is splayed out on the jailhouse bed and wrapped in red plastic. His arse is raised and immobilized. There’s a man standing nearby, also encased in plastic. His dick is upright due to the intensive need to sex the booty before him. The standing man claws away the plastic. It’s Mitchell, a guy of behemoth musculature and bright tattoos. he crosses to the ass that’s beckoning. Shredding the plastic, this guy grabs a cheek in every hand and starts to feed. A hand reaches back to finger the gap Mitchell is eating. Mitchell sinks his cock in the arse. Jesse lastly breaks free. A rock hard hand grabs his neck, pulling him up for a kiss. Jesse’s hole clasps Mitchell’s dick like a glove. Jesse flips over and hooks his legs throughout leather straps hanging from the ceiling. His abs stand out in high definition and that guy has rings in his nipps. Mitchell stops fucking to suck Jesse’s dick and sit on his face, then they trade positions. Mitchell uses the same belts below his armpits to lower himself onto Jesse’s cock. They trade poses again. Mitchell copulates Jesse’s face previous to fucking his hole one last time before Jesse screams and cums on the mattress during the time that Mitchell coats Jesse’s enticing buns with sperm.

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