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JP Richards is the coolest DJ at the hottest all male strip club in town. Auditions for the week have come down to 2 individuals: Draven Torres and Nubius. the one and the other have the moves, the look, and the attitude. But who will JP choose?! Nubius begins off the audition with some blazing hawt moves he’s been working on lately. He’s not afraid to show JP anything he’s got. When JP’s seen enough, that guy calls Draven up to the practice stage. Draven also has firing dance skills! The solely way JP can settle this is by experiencing the one and the other boys at the same time. That means taking each of their dicks at the same time. JP joins ’em on the miniature stage and allows Nubius to face sex him, during the time that Draven pounds JP’s hole on the other side. After this hot action, the decision is even greater quantity difficult to make! See what happens when all 3 babes end up on stage at the real club the next night! you won’t make no doubt of the intense, hardcore fuck that winds up being put on display!

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