RagingStallion Foreskin Mafia FX Rios and Christian Lesage

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Christian LesageFX RiosFX Rios and Christian Lesage 1FX Rios and Christian Lesage 2FX Rios and Christian Lesage 3FX Rios and Christian Lesage 4

Dressed in black from head to toe, FX Rios blends into the dark background. He’s approached by a man wearing a shirt and tie, Christian Lesage. He offers red-bearded Christian a package of white powder but Christian wants something else. He gropes FX’s crotch and gets the go-ahead. He extracts an uncut cock from a leather jock strap. Christian sucks deeply and with abandon. Meanwhile, FX undresses, revealing smooth olive skin, pierced nipples and splashes of ink across his right pec and shoulder. He pumps Christian’s mouth. FX takes off his jeans and sits, aiming his hard on skywards, and Christian lowers his hole, grimacing, until he’s fully impaled. Thigh muscles and abs go to work, contracting and straining as flesh encounters flesh. Christian’s body is athletic, with a dense carpet of hair. He surrenders his ass to the taking by spreading his legs wider. The fuck culminates in a shuddering mix of sweat, moans, groans, and an abundance of jizz, as FX sprays his load across Christian’s face while Christian beats off wildly.

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