RagingStallion Total Exposure 2 latin stud Jimmy Durano fucks bald bodybuilder Sean Zevran in muscle gay porn

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A fallen tree blocks the dry creek bed where stunning Jimmy Durano and ripped Sean Zevran are walking. They figure that if they can not walk any further, they might as well get naked and fuck. The trees branches become a clothes rack. Massive wood meets massive, smooth muscle as these horny studs grapple in the open air and sunshine. Spit flies and sweat drips as Sean palms Jimmy’s huge balls and rams his face with Jimmy’s huge meat. Sean stands, grabbing one dead tree branch and propping his foot on another for Jimmy to eat his muscle-ass. Sean’s balls swing heavily as he strokes his cock and pushes his hole out to meet Jimmy’s tongue. Jimmy maneuvers behind Sean and slips his cock inside him, its curvature a perfect fit to plow high and deep. Their bodies are so hard, their flesh barely trembles as hips collide with hips. Sean is overcome with pleasure, and he grabs his cock and squeezes his nuts as his cream jets from his dick. Jimmy follows suit, matching him drop for drop.

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