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Muscled Johnny V and stud Dorian Ferro slip away to the blacksmith shed for an intense, late-night session. They can not tear their clothes off fast enough, pressing nipple to nipple and abs to abs. Each wants to own the other’s chiseled body: Johnny is smooth; Dorian has scattered chest hair. Dorian’s traps bulge and heave in the throes of passion as Johnny mouths, tongues, swirls and sucks his cock. Tearing himself away, he swivels to show Johnny his prize ass. Johnny gropes Dorian’s exceptional, bubble ass with both hands, squeezing and separating the cheeks and pushing his tongue deep into the crack, while Dorian bounces on his face. Dorian flips onto his back, furiously yanking his dick while Johnny fucks his face. Johnny turns and turns, alternating between fucking Dorian’s mouth, then sitting on his face until his nuts are ready to burst. Johnny feeds Dorian his hot load, then sucks Dorian into shooting a power-stream of cum that covers Johnny’s face.

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