RagingStallion Total Exposure 2 ripped stud Ryan Rose and muscular Andrew Stark flip flop fuck

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Andrew StarkRyan RoseRyan Rose and Andrew Stark 1Ryan Rose and Andrew Stark 2Ryan Rose and Andrew Stark 3Ryan Rose and Andrew Stark 4Ryan Rose and Andrew Stark 5

Two stunning studs, Ryan Rose and Andrew Stark share a bottle of whiskey at sundown and sneak away to the barn for some privacy. After their final swigs, Ryan makes a move and locks lips and tongues with Andrew. Wasting no time, they rip each other’s clothes off and Ryan hunkers down to swallow Andrews cock. After slobbering all over Andrew’s cock, Ryan wipes his face with it, and taunts Andrew with his crack hanging out of the top of his jeans. Andrew knows he needs to possess Ryan’s ass. Tongue, finger and cock in quick succession: Ryan’s hole is skewered. But Andrew needs more. He needs to get fucked. Things heat up tremendously when Andrew lies on his back to let Ryan plow into him. Their smooth, ripped bodies collide in the dark quiet of the barn. They swap again, with Ryan now in a shoulder stand. When neither of them can hold back, they both release their loads in shooting bursts.

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