RagingStallion Total Exposure Sebastian Kross and Dorian Ferro Muscled Gays Fuck

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Dorian FerroSebastian KrossSebastian Kross and Dorian Ferro 1Sebastian Kross and Dorian Ferro 2Sebastian Kross and Dorian Ferro 3Sebastian Kross and Dorian Ferro 4Sebastian Kross and Dorian Ferro 5

A scenic hundred-year-old barn looks even better when hot studs Sebastian Kross and Dorian Ferro decide to get naked and fuck there. You can see Dorian’s chiseled abs and Sebastian’s etched cum gutters from across the meadow. Deep, wet kisses are a prelude to the blow job Sebastian gets, but Dorian’s furry ass is so sensational, that’s all Sebastian can think about. He can not wait another minute to get his tongue down there. As the clouds darken and thunder rumbles, Sebastian decides Dorian’s hole is ready for his dick. Dorian’s only wish is ‘fuck me hard.’ First he is on his back, legs spread, one hooked over Sebastian’s shoulder. His broad chest and meaty pecs are dusted with hair, and Sebastian can not keep his hands away. The feeling is mutual. Dorian crunches forward, further defining his abs as he reaches for Sebastian’s brightly inked torso. A sit fuck brings them to climax, with Dorian drilling his hips hard to make Sebastian’s cock go as deep as it can. They kiss and let their loads fly, Dorian catching Sebastian’s cum in his mouth and feeding it back to him.

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