Samuel Submitted to dominant French Spaniard Dude Amateur Sex

Production year: 2017
Country: USA
Studio: BeefcakeHunter
Genre: Oral Sex, Big Dick, Blowjob, Amateur, Tattoos, Cumshot
Duration: 00:30:37
Description: Submitted to dominant French Spaniard dude. Handsome, tall, bearded, and hairy legs; this blue-eyed French-Spaniard Beefcake Samuel is new in town. He moved a few months ago to the States to study, but he realized that he may need some extra cash now and then. So, he agreed to shoot “his kinky” side with us. From the beginning, he never denied that he is a head lover and like Beefcake Gigi, he confessed to me of his past experiences with she-males. At that moment I knew what was in store for me: a very kinky dude! After he told me that he likes to be dominant, giving orders and directions, I decided to become his slave for this Submitted to dominant French Spaniard dude video, one of a kind here at BeefCakeHunter Land!

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