Spanish gay Adrian Toledo, Donato Reyes and Lucio Saints fuck in Barcelona

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Donato Reyes looks like a 1940s video star: pencil mustache, neatly trimmed hair, parted on the side and slick. His tan and muscular torso is closely clipped. this guy opens the door in merely a pair of shorts, to greet with a kiss the hustler he and his boyfriend Lucio Saints have called. Lucio waits impatiently on the sofa, exposed and erect, jerking his fat dick in anticipation. Adrian Toledo is the escort, and he’s onto that cock the instant he sees it. The kissing at no time stops in this tangle of flesh as wet dicks pass from lips to drooling lips. No throat is left unused: if it’s not wrapped around a cock or exploring a hole, then someone’s tongue is in it. whilst Adrian gives additional spit and suction to Lucio’s member, Donato sits on his boyfriend’s face, getting his hole speared and stretched by tongue and fingers. Lucio stacks Adrian and Donato like chairs and copulates them in alternating bouts of deep impact. The cumshots will thrill the majority jaded viewer. Donato sprays a long-distance load across Adrian’s torso. At the same time, Adrian’s cock spews a torrent of cream that mingles with Donato’s. A moment later Lucio unleashes such a thick, continuous stream of spooge, you’d think it came out of a fire hose.

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