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Muscular hunks Alessio Romero fucked Logan Vaughn

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Logan Vaughn is not a handyman and that guy can’t figure out the problem with his sink. He calls up a Plumber to fix his problem and merely has a 20 minute await. Alessio Romero shows up faster than any service out there and Logan is hyped his problem will be fixed. Alessio pulls out his snake and jams it down the sink to unclog the food which was stuck. The fee for the service is over $200 and this guy can’t pay any of that. Alessio has a raging cock that just can’t keep inside his overalls and he takes advantage of Logan’s situation and lets him know that if this guy comes closer he will take care of anything. Logan is a smooth hefty muscle man who works out continuously and Alessio is a black hirsute brawny man who can’t live without his men smooth and in need. those hunks take it to the extraordinary with some rough smashing positions and intense passion.

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Men in leather jockstraps Alessio Romero and Brandon Moore play with huge anal toys

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Young Brandon Moore loves having his aperture busted by hard trade like Alessio Romero. The youthful boy bows over and suggests his tight ass hole to Romero who grabs an enormous 5 lb latex rhino horn and shoves it up his butt. Romero works the massive toy in and out until Moore surprises him by handing him an even longer rubber ramrod to feed his greedy hole. Romero pulls on his thick Latino boner whilst he punishes Moore’s greedy butthole, swapping out the sextoy for the rubber nuts. At first it looks like Moore can only handle one but Romero forces 2 fat orbs up his ass and puts the other end in Moore’s mouth so that guy can jack a load out of his rock tough cock.

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Three bound men jocks spanking porn

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Bound gay jocks Alessio Romero and Rogue Status volunteer to receive their backs flogged by tutor Dolan Wolf at IML. We tie those two beef cakes in rubber jocks face to face so that their backs are turned out to the crowd. We likewise tie their cock and nuts jointly so they will every feel it deep intheir groins as the other is hit with the leather flogger. Dolan Wolf is masterful with his whipping skills and not fast warms up every back evenly. in a short time though that guy starts to apply the heat and beats one as well as the other backs until they are valuable and red. In the end each jock is left trembling in every other’s bound gay arms and grateful for the experience.

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Dirk Caber punching bound jock Alessio Romero

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Bound jock Alessio Romero in jockstrap is the next dude to volunteer to be humiliated at our booth in IML this year. Bearded tutor Dirk Caber gets him quickly bound up in a standing position and then starts body punching Alessio’s rock hard abs. This causes Alessio’s dick to too acquire rock tough so Dirk pulls out the bound gay hunk’s meat for the whole crowd to see!

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Alessio Romero and Trent Bloom gay fisting porn

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Just when u think you’ve seen it all Trent Bloom shows up with a recent toy called The Pig Hole, a silicone sleeve that stretches his aperture to a shocking 10′ diameter. In order to acquire the most out of the play session we had to call in Alessio Romero, an experienced handballer who likes a defiance. Alessio finds Trent on his knees with his pig hole stretched open so he fills the gaping cavity with J-lube and slips his fist and thick arm directly into the stud’s infamous arse. Trent urges Alessio to punch-fuck him which causes the Pig hole to become a cuff, turning Alessio’s forearm into a massive plunger. he pushes his arm in and out of Trent’s aperture then gets the fellow on his back so that guy can go even deeper. Using all of his muscular Alessio thrusts his fist into Trent’s guts and jacks off until he shoots his load, leaving Trent with a massive red rosebud as a award.

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Shane Frost and Alessio Romero cocks sounding

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Extreme hairy man Alessio Romero leads Shane Frost to a table where an array of sounding rods is laid out. Alessio squeezes a puddle of lube onto a tray, twirls the end of a surgical iron sound in it and demonstrates for Shane how to sex your own dick. Shane watches whilst jerking off, then that guy comes to a conclusion to try it. Getting naked with a old chap and playing with your dicks is something majority guys have done since their teens, but this is the grad-school version. Shane timidly inserts a couple of inches, then goes for more lube and tries another time from a different angle. This time this guy receives about half the rod inserted. Alessio grabs a fatter sound and slips it in during the time that Shane beats Alessio’s cock to help ease the insertion. For finishers, they grab their cocks and wank out a couple of loads upon the ground.

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Alessio Romero hard fuck Shane Frost

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Muscle gay Alessio Romero’s striped hoodie might be mistaken for prison garb. Maybe it’s that vaguely threatening aspect that draws Shane Frost. The usually preppy Shane sports several days’ growth of beard and looks gorgeous streetwise. They grab the front of every other’s hoodies and lock lips. The boner tenting Shane’s panties looks like the handle of a hammer, inciting Alessio to aid himself, grabbing a handful of cock and nuts to stuff in his throat. Shane is avid to reciprocate, and he obeys Alessio’s command of all the way down until this guy foams at the mouth and his nose runs. When he’s giddy from oxygen deprivation, Alessio pushes him onto a table, widens his legs apart and dives into his ass tongue-first. It’s so good, it needs to be fucked, so Alessio pummels his way to Shane’s hawt core, not stopping until he’s basted Shane’s nuts with cum.

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