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Hairy man Jessy Ares and muscle hunk Angelo Marconi have their dukes up, but when Angelo lets his guard down, this guy gets bussed instead of bashed. Jessy darts in for a kiss and Angelo’s open-mouthed response lights their fires. Their tattered wife beaters are ready for the rag bin anyway, but Jessy cements that fate when that guy shreds them. Skin meets skin. Angelo and Jessy clasp every other in a bear hug, pressing the smooth muscles of Angelo’s chest to Jessy’s shaggy pecs. Jessy is leading the charge. this guy pushes Angelo’s camo fatigues to the ground and a tough dick springs out. Angelo does the same, quickly kneeling to gulp down the freed shaft in his mouth and hold Jessy’s nuts in his fist. Spit and sweat pour down like rain. Jessy drills Angelo’s aperture with 2 fingers and Angelo adds two fingers of his own. Then Jessy slips his salami up Angelo’s chute, cheered on by Angelo’s words, fuck that ass. Angelo flips onto his back. Jessy quickens the pace and intensity of his pelvic thrusts. one as well as the other flooded with endorphins, orgasm overtakes ’em. Angelo spurts giant amounts of jizz onto his treasure trail matched by Jessy’s uncut dick spewing on to Angelo’s haunches.

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Muscle men Angelo Marconi and Jessie Colter are making out in the shadows. Angelo’s hands squeeze Jessie’s nipples during the time that each of Jessie’s hands is strokes a different hard cock. They toss their sole garment a hoodie aside. Now they are nude and surrounded by dildos. Like the prince looking for the foot that fits the glass slipper, Jessie and Angelo test the toys. Is this one likewise short? Is this one fat enough? One by one they try the array of toys, taking time to engulf every other’s cocks. Jessie uses a purple one on Angelo; Angelo steadies an especially fat one whilst Jessie works his buns around it, his wide shoulders and built back arching and twisting to accommodate the silicone plug in his gap. lastly they kneel side-by-side. Their hips are spread wide, their sweaty torsos heaving and buns clenching and sliding over the sex toy that’s the flawless fit, that will bring them to a spattering climax.

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Extreme homosexuals hairy Jessie Colter and muscled Angelo Marconi take toys to play with their cocks. Jessie unzips his own hoodie, then his pants, to display a tanned bosom with a hairy treasure trail that ends where play begins: at the tip of his horny big dick. Angelo intensifies Jessie’s arousal engulfing him, stroking his dick and massaging his balls whilst Jessie inserts a long surgical metallic sound, then a 20 inch silicone nail into his urethra. Jessie’s feral groans split the air as cum flies out from his spent huge dick, then Angelo pulls a hardon out of his own jeans and jerk out a load to match Jessie’s. Its realy extreme cock sounding gay porn.

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