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Man in uniform Dirk Caber fist-fuck Race Cooper ass

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Suspected of plots against the state, Race Cooper has been arrested and targeted for a body search. Interrogator Dirk Caber orders Race to strip and bend over an examining table. Caber’s hands leave no square inch of Race’s flawless, brawny torso unexplored. Grabbing a pair of black latex gloves, he says there will be a cavity search. Race submits as Dirk’s finger breaches his sphincter. When the number of fingers increases, along with the depth of penetration, Race begins to cry out in distress. Dirk praises, fine boy, as the anal intrusion progresses beyond a cavity search to a full alternating left hand right hand fist-fuck. Race receives no mercy; Dirk dips his gloved hand into the waste container where lube is kept and continues the search. After Dirk pronounces all clear, that guy hands Race a jar, ordering him to produce a cum sample. whilst Race masturbates for his captor, Dirk plays with his nipples and punches him, waiting for the inevitable ejaculation, then grabbing Race’s throbbing dick to collect the example.

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Dirk Willis gay bear hairy solo

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Dirk Willis is a gay bear hairy bastard of the highest possible performance! This naughty hot brutal guy is going to treat you with the hottest solo show! He finds a break in his hard job and needs a portion of hot cock caressing to relax his body tension and cock strain! Brutal hairy gay masturbates his huge cock and fondles his hairy chest. His fucking tool grows harder in the hands and gets ready to burst with sperm from a couple of next shoves. The nest step of his relaxation is a hard metal treat of his tight hairy ass hole!

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