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Hairy men extreme sounding cock

gay cock sounding

Extreme porn studio Fetish Force presents movie Backyard Boys with Leo Forte and Shay Michaels.

Leo takes extreme man Shay out of his cage, on a chain, for some punch fucking the prostate with electro stimulation. Shay is all fur, meat and muscle and that guy allows Leo to knead, slap and bite his furry buns. Taking it up a level, Leo rubs his bristly scalp against Shay’s taint and aperture. Grunting and swaying like a animal in heat, Shay lets Leo shove a brass booty plug into him. nasty bod that he is, Leo pulls out the plug, sucks it, and shoves it back in, snugging it into place. It’s like a sedative. Shay flops onto his back and Leo sticks a wickedly curved sounding rod into his dick. With his red neckerchief and unzipped black jeans held up by suspenders, Leo looks ready to hit the midway with a megaphone. Instead, that guy hits Shay with a double electric charge attached to the sound and ass plug. Leo’s response to the Wild Man’s cries is ‘Let’s turn up that juice.’ Shay’s moans are an aphrodisiac to Leo, making his eyebrows arch, his eyes twinkle and his grin greater quantity fiendish. When Shay’s toes start to twitch and his groans grow to orgasmic pitch, Leo knows the destination has been reached, so he removes the electrodes and tenderly strokes out the cum that couldn’t escape Shay’s cock.

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