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Raging Stallion muscle bears Abraham Al Malek fucks Bruno Boni with his big dick

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Raging Stallion presents new movie Sexo in Barcelona with Marc Dylan and Damien Crosse.

When Marc answers his doorbell, Damien bursts in with such force, you suspect dirt play. Bodies collide, tongues meet, and the intruder’s momentum propels Marc into the bedroom, whereupon they fall on the bed. Damien’s also horned up to waste a second. During the time that they’re bouncing on the daybed from the impact, Damien’s got his shirt off. By the second bounce, Marc has removed his and Damien is engulfing his dick. The landscape of Marc’s trunk is tough as rock, ridged in all the right places and complemented by a thatch of hair. Damien maintains constant suction and unbroken eye contact until his hard-on demands relief. Marc is quick to trade places, grabbing Damien’s hairy nuts like a handle whilst his swallow descends over Damien’s uncut cock. They arch and stretch into a force 69, Damien feeding on Marc’s hole during the time that Marc continues to suck. The intensity and uninhibited act proceeds with a smooth roll that finds Damien’s dick lodged in Marc’s chute. every plunge sends jolts of sexual energy through Marc, who is sparked to switch roles anew. Marc turns Damien around and spikes him from behind. Sweat pours and muscles ripple as they grapple towards orgasm. Damien discharges a load that covers his chest, with Marc’s goo in sexy pursuit.

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Muscle gays Frederic Duris, Francesco D’Macho and Marc Dylan three-way fuck

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Muscle men Francesco D’Macho and Marc Dylan are strolling hand-in-hand when they run into Francesco’s old friend, Frederic Duris. Francesco invites Frederic home with them. Immediately, Frederic and Francesco start making up for lost time. Marc seems stunned until Francesco signals him to join in. Francesco is the first one naked. His brawny arms bulge under the inked sleeves running from his shoulders to forearms. Marc and Frederic take turns sucking, with Francesco holding their heads so they leave no inch unswallowed. All of ’em are sporting body hair not the norm for the usually smooth bodybuilder Marc. Skin collides with skin, cock with cock, meat with muscle. The heat intensifies when Marc receives on his back, with Francesco eating his arse and Frederic tea-bagging him. Frederic leans forward to engulf Marc’s dick and Francesco, his face inches away, tongue bonks Frederic’s mouth alternately with ass fucking Marc. Momentum builds; they improvise relentlessly, becoming a mass of primal suck-fuck-kiss-rim connectedness that finishes in a sweaty sex sandwich with Frederic in the midst and Marc playfully trying to catch everyone’s load in his throat.

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Beefy men Brian Bonds and Marc Dylan fuck

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Watch hot muscled men Marc Dylan and Brian Bonds in juicy beefy men fuck. The scene opens with Marc Dylan in a unfathomable slumber and finding himself someplace in betwixt R.E.M. sleep and hopeful reality. pretty soon a hand is jerking off his growing dick and as that guy opens his eyes that guy discovers the object of his desire and in a short time to be Phantom sex is Brian Bonds. The 2 wank every other for a whilst before embracing in a deeply kiss as they partake in some classic frottage as their cocks grind against each others rough bodies. Marc is pretty soon on his knees as that guy unfathomable face holes Brian’s 8? dick and beats his own at the same time. Brian then returns the favour as he devours Marc’s dick and then lifts his legs over his head as he eats Marc’s arse and acquires it all juicy and willing for his dick. Marc implores Brian to sex him and although Brian begins out slow that guy in a short time increases the intensity during the time that Marc approves of every deeply thrust into his nice-looking hole. The two then find themselves in a hawt 69 and previous to too long, Marc has his tongue buried deep in Brian’s ass. Marc then has Brian on all fours as this guy drives his cock deep inside Brian’s powerful butt. Marc copulates him lengthy and hard previous to Brian says that guy craves to ride Marc’s cock. Brian climbs on top of Marc and rides his cock for all it’s worth during the time that Marc beats Brian’s cock. Brian then discharges a thick creamy load of cum all over Marc’s stomach. that guy then dives betwixt Marc’s legs and as Marc strokes his cock, Brian sucks on his nuts releasing a admirable load of hot creamy cum from Marc’s thick shaft. Brian then sucks out the remaining cum as Marc lies back, eyes closed and breathing heavy. As Marc opens his eyes, he looks down to discover that that guy is alone and with a smile on his face this guy rolls over and drifts back off into a deep sleep.

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Muscled Colt men Marc Dylan and Scott Hunter

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Brawny gay stud Scott Hunter and muscle gay star Marc Dylan in great blowjob and ass licking gay porn scene. Scott kicks back as Dylan eagerly feasts on his wet uncut cock. Stroking and bobbing on each other’s hard gay cocks, these guys actually get their dick juices flowing. The suck cock fest soon becomes a feeding frenzy as the taste of schlong sends them into overdrive. Scott’s frisky tongue goes south of Dylan’s ample ball sack and then down underneath for a deeply and probing rim job. Feeling that tongue lapping at his hot hole makes Dylan’s wang twitch. Jerking off himself to the boiling point Dylan lets loose a fiery, white hawt load. With his face still buried in Dylan’s beefy gazoo Scott follows Dylan’s lead and shoots a white sexy gusher, drenching himself in cum.

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Marc Dylan introduces you into a new reality of horny hot gay male solo! This passionate gay stud with a rocky muscled body and huge hard cock offers you a short introduction into his fucking life! It takes him about half a minute to get his huge cock hard and ready for a passionate fuck! Another scenes which will turn you immensely on and drive fucking crazy is a solo finger fuck of a tight wet ass hole! Mark adores his muscled tight butts and opens them to push a finger into his hole promoting fucking cum! The stud gives another push to his cock and feels his cock erupting with hot sperm flowing out from its head! The gay moans of delight and relxes under the cool water of the shower!

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Big gay cock Paddy O’Brian’s fucks mouth Randy Dixon

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Paddy O’Brian and Randy Dixon couldn’t sleep that hot night and were spending their time on the patio together. Very soon they became even hotter that the summer heat and started petting each other. Hard dicks were ready to jump out of the pants and they did when the lover’s started practicing blowjobs. Both guys are hot and nude for you to admire their perfect tanned bodies. So very soon Randy’s as-hole is penetrated with a big gay cock of his lover and Randy is jerking off his own meaty tool.

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