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Visions of Aleks Buldocek and James Ryder fill the screen, every one revealing greater amount than the last, until they are fully vertical and willing to rock. With dicks at full mast, they wrap their arms around each other. James is ripped and smooth; Aleks muscularly defined, bearded and with a thatched bosom and belly. James demonstrates his bottomless swallow on Aleks’ dick previous to bending over a barrel to serve up his fresh, smooth buns with a tight pink hole in the center. once Aleks’ fingers and tongue have had their fill of lewd boy butt, Aleks drives his trickling dick into James’ ass. Joined at the hip, Aleks pummels James on his tummy and on his back. Pressure builds in James’ balls with every slam of Aleks’ cock, until it has to be released, spraying cock juice in all directions. Aleks collapses in a chair. James kneels at his side, twisting Aleks’ nipples while coyly inviting Cum in my face, dad. Strands of cum leak down James’ chin as they bring their debauchery to a close.

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