Twinks Michael Phoenix and Chase Young deep cocksuckers

gay blowjob

Chase Young is anxious to show Michael Phoenix his mama’s riding crop. Michael wields it like a chap who’s done this in advance of. His heavily inked torso, hairless head and multiple piercings give him a threatening look of authority that’s amplified when we see the bear claws branded above his chest muscles. That guy orders pursue to strip, revealing his thin bod and bushy legs. The only article of raiment chase does not remove is his underwear, which don’t cover his arse. Chase grovels, with his face planted in Michael’s crotch. His pale skin blooms pink and red as Michael flicks the crop across his stripped back and buns. Pleasured that pursue has been wonderful enough, Michael lets him engulf his cock. That smooth cylinder of flesh sliding down Chase’s swallow helps to erase the pain. Michael orders chase to stand and now Michael is the one to suck. Chase quickly cums in thick gobs all over Michael’s face.

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