Uniformed Dirk Caber and prisoner Jessie Colter in straitjacket

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Jessie Colter hangs from the ceiling by his ankles, like a side a beef. He’s erect, undressed under the waist but encased in a straitjacket above. Uniformed interrogator Dirk Caber calls him a malefactor. Caber looks sizzling with a full gay beard flecked with gray. That guy approaches his helpless prisoner and drives his fists into him like a human punching bag. Then Dirk fondles the bare flesh, running his hands along Jessie’s thighs, squeezing his buns and spanking him. Jessie cries out but his cock gets harder. Dirk grabs an instrument that delivers electric shocks and runs it over Jessie’s nude skin even his dick and nuts until Jessie’s loud lament echoes through the room. Dirk takes off the straitjacket and sets Jessie on his feet, tickling him and using other instruments that deliver sensations of ache mixed with enjoyment. Gratified there’s no thing to learn from Jessie for now, Dirk rewards him by sucking his dick and jacking him off to orgasm, making sure to delay the climax as one last bit of erotic torment.

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