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Big hairy hunks Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long are a bear cub lover’s double-barreled soaked and hirsute dream. As circus acrobats, they’re practicing a routine in the props tent, outfitted in body-hugging T-shirts. Their movements ensure maximum contact betwixt intimate bud parts. Then Josh announces that guy has an idea, and he climbs a rope ladder and hangs upside down so his big dick is at Jimmy’s eye level and vice-versa. They face-fuck every other until their jaws are tired. Then it’s Jimmy’s turn on the ladder. That guy suspends his arse from a wooden rung so his hairy gap is poised directly over Josh’s tongue. Josh delves and slurps, then Jimmy drops to a lower rung so Josh can fuck him. The walls of Jimmy’s aperture give way to Josh’s invading tool as Jimmy jacks his dick and squeezes his low hanging balls. Abandoning the ladder, they grab heavy ropes hanging from the ceiling, a rope in every hand, and engage in a gravity defying airborne sit fuck, until their big cocks can’t hold out any longer and discharge their milky loads all over Jimmy’s curly abdomen.

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